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College Prep courses are currently in development and not yet open for enrollment.

College Prep Programs
Exam specific tutoring and test-taking strategies to help you reach your goals. 


The PSAT/NMSQT is a preliminary version of the SAT. Scores for the PSAT won't count towards college applications but offers students a chance to become familiar with the SAT standards and format. In addition to being a practice exam, high scores on the PSAT qualifies students for National Merit Scholarships and other awards. Register for a tutoring prgram to enhance your PSAT score.
  • Familiarizes students with SAT
  • Boosts confidence
  • Highlights areas for improvement


College admissions require their applicants to take a standardized test such as the SAT or ACT. Although the SAT is not the single most important factor in college admissions, high scores on the SAT ensures the student's application be seriously considered. Register for a tutoring program to enhance your SAT score.
  • SAT Reading
  • SAT Math
  • SAT Writing and Language
  • SAT Essay


Like the SAT, the ACT is also nationally administered and accepted by colleges to evaluate candidates. High scores on the ACT will ensure the student's application be seriously considered. Register for a tutoring program to enhance your ACT score.
  • ACT English
  • ACT Math
  • ACT Reading
  • ACT Science
  • ACT Writing

Advanced Placement Exams

Advanced Placement Courses is a way for students to stand out on their college applications in a competitive market. High schools now offer AP courses in their curriculum allowing students to advance their learning in a variety of subjects. Many colleges offer college credit for high scoring Exams. Sign up for a tutoring program to help prepare for an AP exam!
  • AP Biology
  • AP Physics
  • AP Calculus

College Application Program

Our college application program (CAP) assists students with all aspects of the college admission process to include:

  • College Applications
  • Scholarship & Admissions Essays
  • Interview practice and skills

Our CAP counselors will work with students individually to plan and prepare them for their college career.